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01 October, 2010

Okay I am a Grandmother again

Brichelle Edi Brawley was born on September 5th. She came 6 weeks early; weighed 4 pounds 12 oz. She is so cute. Even Gianna likes her!!! She spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, which gave us all a chance to begin to spoil her. We got to go in every day and feed her through her feeding tube which was an interesting experience. Allie had her baby the next day and they named her London. and with Kellie's little Ava, the Gardner's have grown by three. =o)
So I think this make 3 entries for this year. Lets hope I don't wait 3 years before my next blog.
Oh I almost forgot. Holli didn't end up going back to Illinois she got a great job at AT&T. So I get to spend a lot of fun time with her.....

06 August, 2010


For all of you that have no Idea what zuppa is or how to make it. Start with a can of chicken stock, then add about 3 potatoes cubed. Bring to a boiling then let simmer. Then add your Italian sausage, I usually fry up about 6 links. make sure you cute it up well so there is a little in every bite. Add a quart of heavy cream and then a batch of Kale. Cook until hot. But beware you will love it.
Stopped UPS didn't deliver my new kindle. I may be going out of my mind reading real books. =o)

05 August, 2010

It's time!

Seeing that I can't keep up with all these electronics this is the last thing on my mind. However my Kindle is having problems so I am trying to stay busy until my new one arrives today. Yea!!!
Well it has been a year so you haven't missed much. I broke my shoulder a finger and a hand. Won a photography competition. So maybe I will add one of those picture, because if I add the Broken Shoulder one Holli will Kill me.
I do however scrapbook when I'm not reading so I love that. Holli will be heading back to University of Ill. in about a week and a half and Lyndzi is due with another baby girl in October.
Oh yeah I wrecked Tony 's brand new FJ. first wreck (that was my fault ever) However I just hit a neighbors fence. Still a $175 dollar oops. Oh yeah a few months back I learned how to make Zuppa, and am pretty much addicted to it. Along with my M&M peanuts. Okay and My Vanilla Ice Cream with anything chocolate on it. So as I see it I have now updated this year. =o)
Congratulations on Scott and Destiny's gorgeous little girl and Kellie and Karl's darling Ava. Both as cute as they come. Just not as cute as my Gianna. =o)

04 May, 2009

I'm a Grandma!

Her name is Gianna, and she officially makes me a grandma!

I'm officially the cutest baby because my grandma says so...and she is always right!

Could these mittens get any bigger?

7lbs. 1 oz., 20 inches long and 100% adorable!

21 April, 2009

Taking Grandma to the Eye Doctor

Okay so Lyndzi made me this cute blog spot so I will tell you the story of taking Mom to the eye doctor and they sent her home with a patch over her good eye.  She could barely see a thing when I left her at Kathleen's house so I decided I had better call to make sure she didn't try to go home.  But when I called Kathleens house Ashley and Courtney informed me that Grandma had decided to head home.  Scared to death I tried oved and over to reach her at home.  Calling every one from Kyle, Keith to Jane at the Pizza store.  Finally I told Jane I would give her 30 more minutes before we called out the calvary.  Mom finally called and said she had forgotten her phone and her and Keith who had also forgotten his phone were eating at El Rancho and she was okay.  She couldn't see very well at all but got a  lot better once she got to Payson.  And I wonder where we get our stubborn streak from.  =o)

20 April, 2009


This is my second attempt at blogging! So be lenient with me! Lets see, where to begin... My daughter Lyndzi is married and is about to have a baby! She thinks that she is going to make me a grandma, so I will have to come up with some code name instead like nana or something that sounds less grandma-ish (any suggestions?).

My other daughter is finishing up her second year of college. There aren't any boyfriends I have to scare off as of right now, but that won't last long!

Can you believe all of my kids are out of the a matter of speaking :) We will actually have a pretty full house here very soon when Gianna decides to come! OK, well that is the current update for now!